Sites: Dark And Gorgeous Accidents On Broadway

An evening stroll around the gay-borhood in Long Beach, CA. There’s a string of LGBT friendly bars and eateries, and the crosswalks are painted in rainbow colors.

Without thinking or remembering, I grabbed my camera not knowing which film was inside. This was my first time shooting at night and it’s one of my favorite street shots by far!

Dark And Gorgeous Accidents On Broadway
Mamiya 7II + 65mm f/4
Kodak Ektar 100

Year: 2021

Sites: Silverwood Lake, CA

Last winter, we took an impulsive drive up to the mountains to sight-see. My spouse was “hard on-call” for a client (she’s a midwife),  yet we took a chance to get out of the house together. We drove up winding roads,  through small towns, bought vinyl records, and even saw a bit of icy snow. 

Mamiya 7II + 65mm f/4
Neopan 100 Acros II

Year: 2021

Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year! I look forward to sharing updates, new work, photos, and video sketches from my blog. May your new year be full of grace, patience, and good health!

Run time: 00:38
Year: 2022


FIELD RECORDINGS: Moten/Land has sounds captured from California and layered beneath a fragmented conversation between Fred Moten and Sondra Perry at FRIEZE Talks 2018.

FIELD RECORDINGS is an on-going documentary project exploring soundscapes and audioethnography in the collection and redistribution of documents from field sites and the internet.

Run time: 00:32
Year: 2021

Client Work

Portraits of Radical Generosity is a video series in response to Cauleen Smith’s explorations of radical generosity and intentional community-building in the exhibition Give It Or Leave It.

LACMA invited a few members of various L.A. communities to share stories that speak to the artist’s interests.

Provided camera work for interviews and exhibition documentation.

Year: 2021

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