“After The End” Virtual Gallery Opening video recording.

Group Exhibition:
After The End

April 8-May 2021

Gallery @ Calit2 (Virtual)
“After the End" brings together four artists, all of whom have been connected to UC San Diego in recent years, to share works that emerge and encounter new, old, and imagined modes of creative practice. These four artists share a wide-range of intersecting and meandering connections resulting in works made in video, experimental documentary, movement, and mirror-light that will be presented in an online format for the show hosted by gallery@calit2.

“After The End” Virtual Gallery Opening moderated by Zeinabu Davis. Featured artists: Erick Msumanje, alexis hithe, Jamilah Sabur, and dana washington-queen.

Circular Metafictions: What Remains Unbound Is Gathered, TBD
“Filmmaking As Ceremony” is a short segment from the hybrid-documentary that conceptualizes a trace from the triangular slave trade route toward biographical historiography to examine nuanced portraits of ordinary black life.

This work reflects upon the relationships between black life, the incoherencies of black life and artistic production by (1) situating colonial history and resulting fragmentation; (2) exploring the Henrietta Marie slave ship and speculating a maternal origin; and (3) observing personal history to locate continuities between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Writer, director: dana washington-queen
Camera operator: Kayla Reefer, dana washington-queen
Video editor: dana washington-queen
Sound design: dana washington-queen
2D Animation: Kimberly Heard
3D Animation: Irvin Brown (aka: AshTreJinkins) 

Film stills from “Circular Metafictions: What Remains Unbound Is Gathered.”

© 2022 dana washington-queen
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