dana washington-queen
oet, Video Artist, Photographer
Circular Metafictions: what remains unbounded is gathered

Date: 2020/TBD

Time: 46 mins

A hybrid-documentary that conceptualizes a trace from the Middle Passage toward biographical historiography, examining nuanced portraits of black life in the west after migration.

Circular Metafictions is divided into three parts to reflect upon the relationships between black life, the unpredictability of black life and artistic production. Part I, situates colonial history and resulting fragmentation. Part II, explores the Henrietta Marie slave ship and speculates a maternal origin. Part III, observes personal history to locate continuities between the spirit and physical worlds.

The film has been exhibited virtually at Gallery@Calit2; and installed as a two-channel installation at Springsteen Gallery in Maryland.

eScholarship publication submitted to fulfill degree requirement

Writer and director: dana washington-queen
Cinematographer: Kayla Reefer, dana washington-queen

Film editior: dana washington-queen
Sound design: dana washington-queen

Funding provided by Borscht Corporation, Black Studies Project (UC San Diego), Russell Foundation (UC San Diego), E. Ennalls Berl ’12 and Waggaman Berl ’17 Senior Thesis Award, (UC San Diego).

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