dana washington-queen
oet, Video Artist, Photographer

Professional Experience
Film/Video/Documentary Production & Teaching

  • Video Production: research, conceptualization, scriptwriting, interviews, storyboarding, directing, camera operation, sound recording, interview-style lighting.

  • Post-Production: video editing, sound editing, color correction fundamentals.

  • Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe PhotoShop CC, Adobe Audition CC, Garageband

  • Knowledge of iPhone, Canon DSLRs, Canon C100 MkII, Sony a7 series, Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro/Pro 4.6k

  • Knowledge of Canon DSLRs, Mamiya 7II, RZ67 Pro/Pro II

Teaching & Artist Lectures
  • Teaching-Artist: The AjA Project’s Civil Liberties Fellowship

  • UC San Diego Graduate Student Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Media, History of Film, Introduction to Digital Photography

  • Digital Photography Instructor: Teenspace Youth Program at Santa Ana Public Library

  • Potential College Courses: Introduction to Documenntary and Video Production; Experimental Methods in Film/Video; Visual Possibilities: Women and Queer Filmmakers and Media Makers
  • Artist Lectures: UC San Diego, Cal Arts, CSU San Marcos

  • Mentor: Reel Voices Documentary Program

  • Areas of Interest: Documentary and Film Studies, Video Editing, Narrative Storytelling, Contemporary Video Art & Video Installation, Black Feminist Thought, Feminist Film Theory, Blackness in Visual Art & Media Studies, Queer & Transgender Studies, Surveillance Studies.

  • 2022: Writer, Director, Co-Camera Operator, Editor. “Pivot - Art of Escape/Continuum of Spirit” (production). A documentary that combines cinema, performance and motion-capture technology to interweave portraits of black life. 

  • 2021: Camera Operator. “Portraits of Radical Generosity” video series in reponse to cauleen smith’s Give It or Leave It exhibition. Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art.

  • 2021: Camera Operator. “Oceanographic Art and Science: Navigating the Pacific” (in-development) for artist Rachel Mayeri and researcher Deborah Foster for the Pacific Standard Time project.

  • 2020: Writer, Director. Co-Camera Operator, Editor. “Circular Metafictions: what remains unbound is gathered.” UC San Diego MFA thesis film.

  • 2020: Director, Editor. “Paris to Los Angeles” music video for FR/BLCK/PR
  • 2019: Co-Camera Operator. “Exalted and Exhumed” (in-development) for Zeinabu irene Davis.

  • 2018: Director, Editor. “Recurring Dream” music video for Nikko Gray

  • 2018: Director, Editor. “Heartburn” for Black Lives Matter presents Black Futures Month: The Black Feminist Future

  • 2017-18: Writer, Director, Camera Operator, Editor. “storytelling: lucid dream” “brothers (Short)” “why you always talk about freedom? there is no explanation” “in seclusion” “Joyce Wrice - Intro” “Arima Ederra (Short)” “Daytrips 1”

  • 2016-17: Camera Operator, Editor. Santa Ana Public Library Youth Program

  • 2015: Director, Camera Operator, Editor. “copeaesthetic (backstory)” for artist Versis

“Portraits of Radical Generosity” video series for LACMA

“Portraits of Radical Generosity” video series for LACMA

FR/BLCK/PR - “Paris to Los Angeles”

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