I’m a nonbinary poet, photographer, filmmaker, and video artist based in Southern California. I’m passionate about using narrative storytelling through text, voice, and image to explore blackness, gender, embodied knowledge, and systems of power. My research and practice bring documentary and experimental strategies into dialogue with Black feminist thought, feminist film theory, and queer studies. My work has been exhibited at Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles, Springsteen Gallery, Art+Practice, and San Diego Art Institute (now ICA San Diego). My films and videos have received festival selections from BlackStar Film Festival, Outfest Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival, DTLA Film Festival,  Toronto Short Film Festival, and Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival.

As a former athlete, I am keenly aware of the positionality of bodies and how the human body responds to environments, bodies, space, movement, and tension. Many contact sports require one to have intellect, talent and skill but also use of instincts and anticipation when under duress. I am developing Black Noetic thoery,  which examines figurations of blackness and being through sensorial and perceptive responses at points of conflict. These reponses, I like to call modes of knowing and doing, can be analytical, intuitive, or improvisational. You can read more about Black Noetic theoy: here.

I currently live in Long Beach where I am a working artist. Racha Tahani Lawler Queen (CPM, LM) and I run a small nonprofit organization, Black Farm Studio House. We connect art, agriculture, and wellness through community engagement and resource sharing to support individuals, families, artists, and urban farmers identifying as Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+ or nonbinary.

Follow my creative journey with news and updates . On my blog you can read written works, view photos and video sketches of the everyday.


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News & Updates

Solo Exhibitions
2022: Institute of Contemporary Art, Richmond, VA
2022: Visible Records, Charlottesville, VA

Group Exhibitions
May 2021: Springsteen Gallery, Baltimore, MD
April 2021: Gallery @ Calit2, UC San Diego
March 2021: Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles, CA
October 2020: Anonymous Gallery, New York, NY

2021: “Artist Spotlight: dana washington-queen” written by Elias Roman for The Guardian at the University of California, San Diego. https://ucsdguardian.org/2021/11/28/artist-spotlight-dana-washington-queen/

2021: “Optica” edited by Arlene Mejorado and Jessy V. Castillo. Photo zine that spotlights the work of Black, Indigenous, womxn of color, and gender-non-conforming image-makers informed by a complex personhood and identity. Published by Este Archives https://estearchives.info/products/optica-2021

Publications as Author
2020: “An Entry Point Between Spaces: Concerning Permission” by dana washington-queen for Black Archives Editorial (vol. 001): Impulse to Collect. https://www.blackarchives.co/

2020: “Circular Metafictions: what remains unbound is gathered.” UC San Diego. ProQuest ID: washingtonqueen_ucsd_0033M_19407. Merritt ID: ark:/13030/m5ft55mb. Retrieved from https://escholarship.org/uc/item/75m000f5

Awards & Grants
2020: Foundation of Contemporary Arts Ellsworth Kelly Award recipient with ICA at VCU. https://www.foundationforcontemporaryarts.org/recipients/icavcu

2019: Best Experimental Film & Best Social Justice Short Film, DTLA Film Festival

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