Neo Spiritual, 2016
A triptych portrait series reimagining the Adam and Eve origin story.

“Having been raised in the church, I’ve grown a fascination with origin stories and creation myths, specifically interested in what it means to construct an alternative way of being and becoming.

This series is a critique on the Adam and Eve story in the Book of Genesis. I was interested in pushing against male authorship and the ways that wo(man) have co-existed biblically, which some consider an outdated ideology, to move toward other ways of thinking about social structures. In this work, there is no Adam, while Eve is a black figure.”

A Neo-Negro Spiritual, I
Acquired by Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, permanent collection.

A Neo-Negro Spiritual, II
Gifted to Black Farm Studio House Co.

A Neo-Negro Spiritual, III
Acquired by private collector.

Forging Territories: Queer Afro and Latinx Contemporary Art
exhibition documentation.

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